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The primary focus of the company philosophy is the individual warmth and living space ambience. Design is not interpreted as an end in itself; we interpret design as the subtle expression of personal demands. Our heating units distinguish themselves through highest quality, flexibility and convincing functionality, causing IHS to be positioned far away from traditional heating segments. Our intelligent solution for radiant heating systems gives our customers much leeway in their individual planning and makes each heating element a unique unit.


Leading manufacturer of infrared heating elements worldwide. That is our vision. This vision requires intensive teamwork and a network of specialists, who are at the right place at the right time, people with a passion for the infinite variety of possibilities. People with knowledge, ideas, commitment and experience. Creative, high-quality solutions on the cutting-edge of technology help our customers to lasting economical solutions.


To develop first class infrared heating solutions for our customers and to implement them in a quality, which will meet up to the highest expectations of our customers. These solutions are guaranteed through the combination of workmanship and modern industrial production methods intertwined with the teamwork of a highly-qualified staff and cutting edge technology. The long-term usability of our products remains our number one priority - this is also the base for our product offering. Because in our opinion, heaters “off-the-shelf” are just not good enough. That is why IHS develops and produces functional wall heater elements which meet the most stringent requirements. The advantage of our products lie in the professional implementation of the variety of possibilites which give our customers advantages in heating newly constructed buildings, renovated houses and in the use as supplementary heating systems.


1998 First contacts with infrared heating elements from Russian production. Sales of drying units for construction objects under the previous company name of WLL.

2000 The production of Russian elements is stopped. Start of development of an infrared heating element after work and on weekends in the own garage. Cooperation with the GSF-Institut für Umwelt und Gesundheit (Institute for Ecology and Health) in Munich.

2001 Relocation of the development site from the garage to a carpenter’s workshop. Initial machining tryouts and experiments with the bonding are started.

2002 First production line heating element is ready for sale. Move to Hartberg (in the building of the City Utility Department). Series production with two employees. In 2003, the production site is moved to the Ökopark Hartberg. Production is changed to accommodate adhesives which are specially developed for IHS. Series production and expansion of the product range. WLL is renamed to IHS Infrarot Heizsysteme GmbH. TÜV Certification received. Production is certified through the TÜV. IHS logo is registered as a Trademark.

2005 Expansion Hall 2. New logo (redwell), marketing campaign, trademark and sample protection, printed packaging. Development of heating units for Canada and USA.

2006 Expansion of Hall 3 (expansion of material warehouse) and new office complex). Opening of a show room which is fully equipped, designed to present the heating units to the pbulic and as a sales office for distributors.

2007 Quality is our top priority, and so a QM System is put into place. Certification by CSA and also for UL, ISO, EN ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2004. Expansion of Hall 4 (increase production capacity through new machines). First sales to the USA, Canada and Mexico. Sales into more than 20 countries with more than 15.000 elements sold anually.


IHS Infrarot Heizsysteme GmbH is an Austrian Company based in Hartberg. IHS is specialised in the production of top-end infrared heating units. Selected materials and meticulous workmanship define the exclusive character of the Redwell heating elements. Convincing functionality, highest quality and flexibility are a matter of fact for IHS.

IHS has a state of the art machine park which ensures high production capacity. IHS is an extremely innovative company in regard to the combination of usefulness and design of its products. New products are developed constantly - innovation is a foremost priority expression for IHS - in fact, it has been declared as a primary goal by management. Sales are conducted via an independent distributor network. Our customers include specialised markets, architects, interior designers and studios.

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