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"Margaret Atwood recently ordered and received the Largewave chalkboard with a wooden frame, and plug-in thermostat to go with it. We are all very impressed with its performance. Margaret would now like to purchase 2 more Largewave chalkboards, with plug in thermostats."

Sarah W. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Our main bathroom us upstairs on the northwest corner of a four level split home, and has always been the coldest room in the house. We now have a Middlewave Redwell Heater installed on the ceiling and it is so much warmer! The tile floor, the toilet and the tub are now warm to the touch. We can now enjoy a nice bath in a warm tub in a warm cozy room. We are very pleased with the decision we made to purchase out Redwell Heater!"

Gertie G. - Ontario, Canada

"Our heater works extremely well. I was quit surprised with how good it works. My very cold basement is now comfortable. I am very pleased with the heater and the warmth of the basement."

Gregory T. - Canada

"I'm enjoying my heater, it makes it possible to go into my bethroom in the morning without a parka."

Margaret K. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I like the radiant heater very much. The kitchen is much comfier."

Nancy S. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"We have both units installed and working and we are very happy."

Terry A. - Delhi, Ontario, Canada

"I bought your heaters for our home up north, and love them."

Patty B. - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

"We love our heaters, we put the blackboard in the girls play room, the room stays nice and warm and we don't have to worry about them putting one of their toys in or against the baseboard and causing a fire hazard. The second is a mirror and my wife and I use it in our bedroom and it works fantastic."

John F. - British Columbia, Canada

"The Redwell is great! It's opened up the room in a very new way... welcoming and relaxing in the gentle warmth that emanates."

Julia v.F. - Toronto, Canada

"We are sold on Radiant Heat, our master bedroom is very comfortable. The central heating is not required to keep this room comfortable anymore, saving us hundreds of dollars a month."

Douglas and Theresa K. - Orinda, California, USA

"I am glad I came across infra-red while researching heating systems for my reno. I was looking for a heating system that would not aggravate my allergies and asthma. Infra-red (IR) panels heat solid objects (floors, walls, furniture, human bodies, etc), which retain heat longer than air. IR panels do not use fans to circulate heat (and household dust), and have no filters to replace or moving parts that make noise or wear out. The panels don’t have heating tubes or wires in the walls or floors or ceilings, which would make it vulnerable to punctures. The panels hang from the ceiling in my house so no need to keep any floor areas clear for vents or radiators. The staff at Rathwell provided useful and practical advice regarding electrical wiring and positioning the panels. Keep up the good work, folks!"

Joji - British Columbia, Canada

"We have several Redwell heaters at our cottage and are very pleased. Besides offering even and efficient heating, we like that they don’t take up space and serve a dual purpose of mirror and heat source. Every guest we have to the cottage is amazed when they’re told that the mirror in their room is a heater."

Troy Russell - Toronto, Canada

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