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Save Energy

Save Energy

It's so Natural and Efficient

Redwell infrared units allow you to use your heating energy wisely as they efficiently convert 100% of the electrical energy into infrared waves. No wasted energy. Redwell allows you to keep temperatures under control - save energy, heat and money.

Clean & Quiet Heat

The units are maintenance free. There are no fans to push dust, pollen, pet dander and allergens throughout your home.

Zone Heating – Intelligent Heating

Redwell gives you choices that a central heating system and single thermostat does not. Keeping your bedroom cooler and more comfortable for sleeping is easy with a Redwell heating unit. You’ll never have to watch your heating dollars escape through an open window again.

Extremely Efficient Conversion

Redwell infrared heating units are engineered to be energy efficient. They convert 100% of the electric energy used into heat.

When you think Redwell you should think Zone Heating. A Redwell infrared heating unit delivers complete control of temperature and energy use. You heat the rooms you want to the temperature you find comfortable. Family rooms are made cozy and warm, while bedroom temperatures remain cool for a restful sleep.

It’s an intelligent way to heat – just compare

Redwell infrared units out perform traditional baseboard heaters by 70% and while baseboard units overheat the air at floor level, a Redwell unit heats the entire room. You won’t find a cold spot in a room with a Redwell unit.

Forced air gas furnaces leave you with cold spots. The temperature control is fixed with a single source thermostat. This means the rooms farthest from this “hot spot” can be much cooler and uncomfortable for family members.

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