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Heating Cost

Heating Cost

Redwell is worth it!

It is the simplicity, the compactness, the functionality and last but not least the beauty and elegance, which make our heating elements as unique as they are.

What you should consider:

  • no chimney necessary
  • minimal costs for renovation
  • unusually long product life
  • energy saving
  • low purchasing price
  • no maintenance necessary - no incidental expenses

We cannot do magic, but we can:

  • dry the masonry - or keep it dry
  • reduce thermal conductivity which reduces energy costs
  • lower the room temperature by about 2º C
  • reduce transport of warmth through the room exterior, due to the smaller difference in air temperature
  • reduce energy loss through air exchange (ventilating, cracks, etc.)

1º C can mean an energy savings of up to 5%. This would mean that by 2º C less, there is a savings of approximately 10%.

Operating Cost Calculator


Determine the size of your room. Measure the length and width – then multiply the two numbers to get the area (square footage).


Determine the Wattage rate required – multiply the area by 4


To determine the cost per day multiply the Wattage by the average usage per day (example, 10 hrs.). Divide this number by 1000 to get the Kilowatts/hr. Multiply this result by the cost of the Wattage per hour in your area.


1. A room 12 ft x 12 ft would be 144 sq ft (based on standard ceiling height of 8 ft)

2. 144 sq ft x 4 = 576 Watts (use 4 Watts for well insulated rooms only, for lesser insulated rooms use 5 or even 6 Watts per sq.ft!)

Choose the Largewave 600 Watt unit.

3. 600 watts x 10 hrs = 6000 W/hr

6000 W/hr/1000 = 6 kW/hr

6 kW/hr x $0.09 (avrg. cost of 1kW/hr) = 54 cents / day

The cost is ~ 55 cents per 10 hr running, this will keep your room warm for about 24 hrs. (Match the cost of a kW/hr in your area)

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